Rosévelt Island
Rosévelt Island Tram Car

Welcome to Rosévelt Island

The most colorful 150-acres in the world dedicated to the most beloved drink of summer.

To celebrate the arrival of sunny weather, pool parties and bottomless brunches, we have rebranded Roosevelt Island just in time for summer.

Ready to plan your trip? Here’s what to expect.

Rosévelt Island tram car over bridge colored pink

Taste of Summer

Rosévelt Island is the ultimate home of rosé and welcomes connoisseurs from around the globe with open hearts, an open bar and endless afternoons of fun. If you already know the old Roosevelt Island, you’ll notice a few changes. If you’re a new visitor, the Island’s many attractions have been spruced up just for you!

Rosévelt Island park bench overlooking water, with skyline in the distance

Before It Was Pink

1600s — The Island was known as "Minnehanonck" by Native Americans.

1700s — The Dutch called it "Varkens Eylandt."

1800s — Early New Yorkers changed the name to "Blackwell’s Island."

1900s — More modern New Yorkers knew it as "Welfare Island" before it was named after FDR in 1973.

2019 — Rosévelt Island welcomes rosé connoisseurs from around the globe.

Place of pilgrimage, floating bacchanal, the brave youthful heart of a cynical old city. Rosévelt Island is many different things to the people of New York, and our city needs this place like never before.

April Gaddis,
Rosévelt Island Tourism Chief

Rosévelt Island subway car interior

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Hey! Old Enough?

You must be of legal drinking age to enter.